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       Lubrication is to use the means of oil, grease or other fluid materials, so that the contact surface between the moving object can separated, in order to reduce friction and reduce wear and reduce the temperature to prevent corrosion, vibration damping important role. Mainly from the lubrication, cooling, anti-rust, cleaning, sealing and cushioning effects.
By source move, vegetable oils, petroleum oils and synthetic lubricants three categories.
        The amount of lubricating oil more than 97% of the total amount, so often referred to petroleum oil lubricants. Mainly used to reduce friction between the moving parts of the surface, while the equipment has a cooling, sealing, corrosion, lubrication, shock absorption, power transmission, clean impurities and so on.
         Oil cooling effect: machinery in operation, if some friction parts are not properly lubricated, it will produce dry friction. Practice has proved that the dry friction in a short time to produce enough heat to melt the metal, causing damage to parts or even stuck. Therefore must be given a good lubrication of mechanical friction site. When the lubricating oil flows to the friction parts, it will form a film adhering to the friction surface, reducing friction resistance between the parts, and the oil film strength and toughness is a key to play its lubricating.
   Washing effect: mechanical work, will produce a lot of dirt. If inhaled air to bring sand between dust, coke, after oxidation of lubricating jelly, mechanical friction metal shavings and so on. The dirt will be attached to the surface of the friction parts, if not cleaned off, it will increase the mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, these contaminants must be promptly cleaned by the cleaning process is the lubricant circulating in the body to complete.
Seal: between the cylinder and the piston, piston ring and ring groove and engine valve and valve seat are certain gaps, this will ensure that each deputy campaign between not catching. However, these gaps can cause cylinder seal is not good, the result is to reduce the leakage chamber cylinder pressure and engine power output. Lubricating oil film formed in these gaps, to ensure the tightness of the cylinder, keep the cylinder pressure and engine power output, and to prevent exhaust gases downwardly into the crankcase.
        Antirust effect: film formed on the surface lubricant in parts, to avoid direct mechanical contact with water and acid gases and prevent corrosion, rust.