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Most every maintenance needs an oil change, oil is a barrel 1 or 4 litres, general vehicles each need to add the amount of oil will not happen to be an integer. So, a lot of users encountered when doing the maintenance of oil remaining, can only take home at the next maintenance when using. So, after opening the engine oil can save how long? After opening of the oil how to save to ensure that the next time when maintenance is not bad?



After opening the oil must be kept sealed



 In general, packaged oil (total synthesis, semisynthesis, mineral oil) is commonly 4 to 5 years, need to emphasize here is packaged oil, oil storage oil contamination and deterioration is mainly with moisture in the air, oxygen and impurities caused by contact, so after opening the oil must be kept sealed.


Under normal circumstances the oil in water content below 0.03%, when the moisture content of more than 0.1%, oil additives in the (antioxidant, clean dispersant, etc.) will be failure, accelerate the oxidation process of engine oil. And organic acid and engine oil oxidation discharge waste gas of acidic oxides react with water, and generate the inorganic acid. The corrosion of acid can increase the engine.



Oxygen will affect oil of all kinds of additives, and don't think that only good oil additives, what are there in the oil additives. Especially in the case of sunlight or high temperature, oxygen in the air and oil react faster. Finally is the influence of impurities, oil blending after impurities will affect the oil lubrication effect, and even lead to abnormal wear of engine that will affect the sealing performance.



     Oil to save more time, you should think of some way to seal preservation. In 4 s stores or repair shops maintenance is completed, the oil cap screw on. It is important to note that due to the original foil membrane has been destroyed, the rest of the cap cushion isolation effect is limited, this time you can use a layer of clean plastic film set in the bottle, in order to avoid damage on after folded several times, and then screw on cap, so a better sealing effect.



Conditional can drip wax seal the bottle lid. After oil bottle seal needs to be stored in a cool dry place, and ensure the sun rays will not to, avoid the inside of the engine oil oxidation reaction. , after the next maintenance to take out the deposit already a long time of oil in the engine in the process of adding don't put them into completely, should retain part of generally stored for a long time how many there will be a trace of moisture, oil bottle into the engine will affect its performance even in adverse impact.