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Note automotive lubricants used in summer
Is there a summer car owners often occur when the fuel tank prompted low oil pressure warning light illuminates these situations from time to time? Is often drive ring true, what is the point here is not a small problem happened there? Summed consider whether this is why? Is What causes it? What kind of preventive measures and solutions? heat of summer, the temperature in this environment, we must pay attention, lubricant selection is very important.
In summer, the temperature of the environment around the vehicle itself is high, and the heat generated by the operation of the engine plus the car after the two combine to make the temperature reached a high degree. This time when oil accidentally, it is easy to appear the above mentioned circumstances.
The engine is very critical parts, so pay special attention to its cooling system. When the ambient temperature when the engine temperature will rise, high-temperature storage for a long time so that the engine can cause lubricating oil oxidation deterioration, the viscosity fell and lost lubrication.
Now select the oil, the best selection of oil viscosity higher than before the selection is a single-stage or multi-stage oil would be better. The biggest reason is because the viscosity of the lubricant temperature, and therefore high viscosity lubricant selected point in time will not be overheated big impact.

 For some older engines, or often to take some of the weight of the car carrier, in order to avoid problems caused by low oil viscosity, but should choose a relatively high viscosity lubricant. While the driver of the vehicle in the process, should pay attention to water temperature and oil pressure of the engine, and if there is something wrong right away for investigation, after processing in its way.