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By burning fuels such as gasoline engine operation, and accordingly will produce the non-combustible by-products such as waste gas and ash; Engine oil can be clean and prevent them from spreading these by-product in internal condensation, keep engine clean, but when it play the role, the effect will gradually weaken; Heat produced by combustion and oxygen in the air also can make lubricating oil oxidation, metamorphism, so use for a period of time after the oil change is vital.




Such as more than the manufacturer's suggested the oil change period of continue to use the lubricating oil, may lead to carbon deposition and sludge deposit, it will hinder the movement of the piston ring, the worst case could make oil sticky like tar, cause engine failure; And oil change will make the engine performance of dust and impurities rinse, water and other substances, etc. To protect the engine, ensure the normal operation, regular oil change is the right thing to do.